Roseburg Resident Artist

Jacob Lamar

I go by Jake or Jacob, however my tattoo business name is Lamar. I decided to use my last name once I started working at Subdermal as Jake Williams was pretty well known and there was some degree of confusion. I have been into visual arts for most of my life, however most of my formative years were spent playing music in Roseburg and Eugene. I continued to draw and took college art courses at a young age. 

Music and art have always been at the forefront of my life and mind, but unfortunately I had to go through some hard times to get things on track and find tattooing. I met my wife in the rooms of recovery and we now have two wonderful boys. Working 9-5 jobs while pursuing different creative side-hustles taught me how much it actually takes to pursue a career in the arts. I got inspired by discovering a few tattoo artists on T.V. and doing a good amount of online research. I found myself being intrigued by the silent artists who dedicated their lives to the craft and lived with the gravity of what our clients are asking of us, but I was ill-prepared for the actual tattoo wold…

Early in my career I was blessed to have the artists and owners at S.A.C. take an interest in me and decide to help guide me. 

I quickly grew from attempting traditional styles to finding my comfort zone in realistic work. My work trends toward the darker side of realism and I enjoy spending longer sessions with clients and getting to know them. I also enjoy doing lettering and illustrative floral, but I will put my all into whatever comes my way.

This year, after a short time away from Subdermal Art Collective, I was grateful to have been a part of bringing these wonderful artists to my home town of Roseburg. I’m excited to see what will come from the team of artists we have at the shop. I look forward to doing larger pieces and bringing more light to our community in the form of quality tattooing.

Jacob LaMar

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