Jake Williams

Owner/Resident artist Oregon

My Name is Jake Williams, I am Co-owner at SubDermal Art Collective. Some people might know me as Jake “Overtime”. I was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon and even graduated from Springfield High School. “Overtime” is a name that has stuck with me throughout my career as a Tattoo Artist. I suppose it is a testament to my work ethic and passion for tattooing. I have always had a passion for art and eye for creativity since a very young age. I grew up watching my mother paint ceramics and create fun art for the family holidays. My first art class was at an old ran down turn of the century building at The University of Oregon. I remember there being boards over holes on the floor and scaffolding erected for the endless repairs needed to the building. This of course has always been a profound moments for me and the world of art I have experienced. I remember always participating in the coloring contests they used to do at the grocery stores as a kid. I managed to take first place in one of the Halloween contest and even won a small prize. From there I was always a pencil and paper kind of kid. I never did receive any actual training or art school experience outside of every Middle and High School art class I could possibly take. So I guess you could say I am self taught.

Through out my career as a tattoo artist I have made a point in trying to be well rounded. I wanted to have experience with all styles of tattooing to allow a larger and more versatile portfolio. There is not much I would turn my nose up to as a Tattooer but I will also be brutally honest about designs and styles I’m really not in to. For example, Polynesian tribal will never be something you find me working on. It’s not my culture and while I thoroughly respect the art it is not something that I find interest in creating. These days with my schedule being so far out you might find me being more selective of the projects I do take on. Realistic and hyper realistic focused through high contrast black and grey tends to be what draws my interest these days. I’m also an avid outdoorsmen and passionate hunter so I find a lot of enjoyment in creating nature and wildlife themed tattoos.

I am currently charging 200/hr and have started asking for a $200 deposit as of recently because my books are so far out. Just a heads up to all clients. If you cancel I can not guarantee I can get you back in at a timely manner due to my schedule being so full. I look forward to meeting and working with you all in the future.

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