Wednesday Adams

Resident Artist Oregon

My name is Wednesday Adams (yes, I know, I pinky promise it's my real name!) and I have always had a love of art. Since I was old enough to walk I've been drawing on walls, paper, and my personal favorite, people. I am a second generation tattoo artist and got my first taste of the tattoo industry when I was six years old and entered a tattoo shop for the first time. Surrounded by people covered in amazing artwork, I knew I was home. We spent the whole time coloring and putting fake tattoos all over my arms. I knew I wanted to be just like them when I grew up, and long story short, I did it! I love both color and black and grey, and predominantly focus on nature based subjects. Whether it's cute little critters, creepy crawlies, or itty bitty plants babies, I am always thrilled to tattoo anything earthy!

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